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Arte y Disidencia INGLÉS


Arte y disidencia política: memorias del Taller 4 Rojo

Art and political dissidence: memoirs from Red Workshop 4

This book includes contributions from five of the artists from Red Workshop 4: Carlos Granada (1933-2015), Diego Arango (1942), Umberto Giangrandi (1943), Jorge Mora (1944) and Fabio Rodríguez Amaya (1950). It involves an ongoing dialogue with another collective, the Art History Critics’ Workshop, putting together a document which incorporates their own testimonies and controversial memoirs, as well as material from the complex archives that have been kept. The book was produced within the context of the vast research program on the relationships between art and politics in Latin America, which has been promoted during the last decade by the Southern Conceptualisms Network (Conceptualismos del Sur), and supported by the Queen Sofia National Museum of Art. It therefore represents one of Colombia’s most important contributions to the history of Latin American contemporary art.



Title: La Bachué de Rómulo Rozo: un ícono del arte moderno colombiano

Cover: Hard cover (carton) / Paper 130 gr. (plastified) / Endpapers: propalmate 200 gr. / Interior: propalmate 150 gr. / Pages: 200

Price: COP $69.000


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