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arteBA 2018 INGLÉS

arteBA 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artist: Camilo Leyva

Dates: May 24th - 27th / 2018


Espacio el Dorado presents the show Again_ by Camilo Leyva at arteBA 2018. The artist's work reflects on the role of technology in today's society. Through different tools the artist explores around the paradox of reality and virtuality. Through the interactivity that he proposes in his work, Camilo seeks to arrive at a collective construction that enables him to understand the communication process of his time.

Again_ explores the human condition and how contemporaneously it is in a constant search to lie to itself, through virtuality. Using the chroma key as a bridge between reality and fiction, the artist revises the idea of açades: the fictitious representation of reality through technology. Within this interest, Leyva reviews corruption cases such as Panama Papers and Odebrecht in Colombia and seeks to expose them through the use of technology as a means of denunciation. He also takes up the historical conception of the façade, evident from the royal Russian visits to its towns, as well as during  the Portuguese king’s visit to Brazil in the 19th century, where the harsh reality was hidden through façades. This political tool is still present today in countries like China, as is the case of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Press: Relieve contemporáneo