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Artissima INGLES

Artissima 2017

Torino, Italy

Artist: Leonel Castañeda

Dates: November 3th - 5th / 2017



Espacio el Dorado took part in Italy’s main art fair: Artissima, as a part of our cycle of participation in international art fairs. We showed the project Quæ Inventa Anatómica by the artist Leonel Castañeda Galeano, whose work explores the human body from the grotesque, the ambivalent, and the sensation of revulsion and attraction which arises from our understanding of its mechanism.

Quæ Inventa Anatómica, initially shown in Espacio El Dorado for the show El corazón de los Andes (The Heart of the Andes), is made up of various elements, all untitled. For this occasion, we recreated Espacio el Dorado’s cabinet, which contained an accumulation of medical attire and texts. We also showed a series of collages, made up of images from art history, intervened by anatomical images. Finally, we displayed an assemblage composed of  surgical latex gloves woven into a tissue, on a platform made of hospital tiles. When a mechanism was activated, the tissue inflated, like a breathing thorax.

The work in its varied manifestations spoke of the remains of the body, of its reduction to flesh, bone, and fluids. Castañeda’s pieces unravel the abjection described by Kristeva, the revulsion experienced by the transgression of the frontiers of embodiment.

The fair took place in Turin between the 3rd and 5th of November, 2017. We were in the new entries section, stand 22.