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Autorretrato disfrazado INGLÉS


Self-portrait disguised as an artist

There are few studies on the experimental vanguards of the 1960s and 1970s in Colombia. Rarer still the historical investigations of photography in the country. This book attempts to fill these gaps, concentrating on the members of a generation for whom photography became a tool for questioning the photography itself, the language of art, and the local culture. Irreverence, reflections on the passage of time, criticism of religious dogmas, echoes of the sexual revolution, are interwoven with the open and permeable attitude to international influences.

Covering the short life of local conceptualism, in the period 1968-1981 in cities as Bogotá, Barranquilla and Medellin is possible to follow the brevity of its development, its evolution towards the recording of corporal actions, and its rapid disappearance in the 1980s.

This is then an opportunity, and a new starting point to know our own version of conceptual art, art as an idea, and the idea as photography.

Price: COP $179.000