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El corazón de Los Andes INGLÉS

The Heart of the Andes

Antonio Bermúdez, Francy Jiménez y Leonel Castañeda                                                                                                                                 Espacio El Dorado (2017)


The exhibition is made up of three individual projects, which are a part of the cycle of exhibitions titled El corazón de los Andes (The Heart of the Andes).

The Andes, as the longest mountain range on Earth, is the point of encounter of the Nazca and Suramérica tectonic plates, and further, the spinal column of the world. This initial part of the cycle is a tentative that seeks to travel, from the proposals of different artists –That come from an Andean context – what it means to be from a place that is united and, simultaneously, isolated by its topography.

The artists opening up the cycle are Francy Jiménez, Antonio Bermúdez, and Leonel Castañeda. Jiménez’ project, Historia del [fin] de la guerra (The History of the [end] of war), curated by Nathali Buenaventura, departs from multiple efforts to recognise the Montes de María as a territory, creating new images or an archive, which come from a subjective standpoint. Antonio Bermúdez presents De vuelta al centro del mundo (Back to the Center of the Earth), curated by Halim Badawi, in which he approaches the archetypical image of the Chimborazo to reconstruct and challenge it from different curatorial contexts, technologies and contemporary ways of looking. Finally, accompanied by historian Carlos Rojas Cocoma, Leonel Castañeda presents the project Quæ Inventa anatómica, where the territory becomes a metaphor for the body.


Opening: Saturday 29th april, 2017. 11am - 4pm
Closing: 1st july, 2017.

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