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Gustavo Niño INGLÉS

Gustavo Niño

Bogotá, Colombia (1988)                                                                                        Exhibition at Espacio El Dorado: "Transparencies" and "At your level"


Gustavo Niño studied Fine Arts at the University of the Andes in Bogota, where he majored in Visual Arts and Cultural Projects. At the beginning of his career, he gathered and assembled wood and objects that he found in the street. A constant observing, collecting and building is his way of working.

He is interested in the fact that materials themselves hint at how they can be used. This is the key to progress in his work. He focusses on the aesthetic decisions of everyday life (what to wear, buying furniture, painting the house), as these are things which allow us to exercise a certain amount of freedom in an era where everything comes ready-made and prefabricated. It is not about creation as much as the combination and manipulation of what exists. One cannot create anything, only choose and decide what to do with what is already there. This is the type of geometric abstraction that Niño seeks; he chooses materials and procedures to follow (instructions or conditions which restrict the creative process), to eventually create an image that – according to art history – is abstract.