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La bachué INGLÉS


La Bachué de Rúmulo Rozo – un ícono del arte moderno colombiano

The Bachué by Rómulo Rozo – an icon of Colombian modern art


Viewed from an interdisciplinary perspective, for the first time in Colombian art this book offers an integral perspective of a national piece of art: Bachué, a powerful goddess worshipped by the Chibcha tribe, sculpted in 1925 by Rómulo Rozo, a Colombian sculptor from Chiquinquirá. The importance of this publication lies in the need to reconstruct the different aspects which highlight this sculpture as the first piece of modern art produced locally, and for that matter, perhaps the most important and influential piece of Colombian art ever. The various aspects that are covered in the book allow us to look at Rómulo Rozo’s sculpture from different perspectives and develop a clear idea of the artistic, political, ideological and social environment from which his creations emerged. These insights incorporate formal aspects of the work, his progress as a Colombian artist in Europe, his legacy within the national art scene in terms of ideology and concept, and his influence on the reassessment of pre-columbine art.



Title: La Bachué de Rómulo Rozo: un ícono del arte moderno colombiano

Cover:  Hardcover (carton) / Paper 130 gr. (plastified) / Endpaper: propalmate 200 gr. / Interior: propalmate 150 gr. / Pages: 200

Price: COP $139.000


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