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Los límites de mi mundo INGLÉS

The Limits of My World

Andrés Felipe Uribe                                                                                                                                                                                                     El Dorado (2017)

Andrés Felipe Uribe "Sorry Wörtemauer (American Standards Cover)" 2017

Andrés Felipe Uribe "Sorry Wörtemauer (American Standards Cover)" 2017

Los límites de mi mundo (The Limits of My World) is the title of the exhibition presented by Espacio el Dorado, by the artist  Andrés Felipe Uribe, curatorship and texts written by Alejandro Martín Maldonado.

Andrés Felipe Uribe’s Work consists on a tireless Critique on Language in all Senses, Critique of Languege as much as Sense, where the Perversity of the Idea of the Western World is demonstrated, over and over again, as well as the Shapes in which it has pretended to define it, understand it, cover it, and dominate it.

This Work occurs through a huge variety of Tasks, each one of which is defined in a very precise way and elaborated until its final consequences, configuring an infinity of Ways-To-Make-Time, giving Work to the Body, and Putting-to-the-Test its Resistance…

Between the three spaces that make up the main building of the gallery, the different exercises and notes made by Uribe, are distributed strategically, appealing to a variety of ways to employ language through different media, among them, writing, speech, television, symbols, culture, marketing, and music.

Opening: Saturday 22th july, 2017, 11:00 am

Closing: Saturday 30th september, 2017