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Mitos Fundacionales INGLÉS

Foundational Myths

Marcelo Brodsky                                                                                                                                                                                                                Anexo (2017)

Marcelo Brodsky "Mito Fundacional" - 2014

Marcelo Brodsky "Mito Fundacional" - 2014

Within the framework of BienalSur, the exhibition Mitos Fundacionales (Foundational Myths) by the artist Marcelo Brodsky was presented in Espacio el Dorado.

The show is made up of three projects that use intervened photographs from around the world. Mito fundacional y Relación carnal (Foundational Myth, and Carnal Relation) reconstruct an episode of the Colombian conflict, departing from the individual story, coming from the archive of army officials. In 1998 el fuego de las ideas (1998, the fire of ideas) Brodsky did a thorough research in the visual archive and the photographic collections of the world, seeking images which best communicated the spirit that shook the world that year. Migrantes (Migrants) constructs current events in collaboration with contemporary press about migrations to the European continent in recent years. Together, they are images which mark a specific time period with facts that provoke repercussions in the collective memory of countries.

Marcelo Brodsky is an artist and human rights activist who is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a consequence of the 1976 military coup in Argentina, Marcelo was exiled to Spain, where he studied Economics at the University of Barcelona and photography in the International Center of Photography. His art production is placed in the limits of installation, performance, photography, monument and memorials, and his works combine text and image.

BienalSur is the first international Biennale of contemporary art in South America. It is an event that creates dialogues and connections between 32 cities in 15 countries in the world. In this installment, 350 artists are grouped from different points with projects that cross the artistic sphere, generating an extensive territory full of dialogues and confrontations, coming from the position of the “Global South”.


Opening: Saturday 2nd september, 2017

Closing: 30th september, 2017


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