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PArC 2018

Lima, Perú

Artists: Leonel Castañeda, Luz Adriana Vera, Antonio Castles

Dates: April 18th - 22th / 2018



This selection of artworks by Leonel Castañeda, Luz Adriana Vera and Antonio Castles can be understood in the existing space between literalism and the metaphor of the limit. The artists are in search of traces of humanity in objects and images, as well as moving between the real and cultural frontiers, which exist around the human body and the territory.

The skin behaves as a kind of frontier that operates as a membrane that protects us from the external dangers and, at the same time, protects us from seeing what lies beneath it. Through the skin permeate leaks and, therefore, it ends up behaving as an imperfect separator between the positive and negative space, between the being and the universe. Leonel Castañeda questions the limits of our humanity and its relationship with the body in the most carnal manifestation. The tapadas limeñas, women who covered their faces with silk shawls, leaving only one eye visible,  are the starting point for the artist's new sculptures.

Luz Adriana continues to explore the limits of the skin through the use of the needle. The moment the needle pierces the skin and the thread follows it, it leads to these instruments becoming a prosthesis generating a circuit. The hand that acts, and the hand on which it acts, are temporarily interconnected. Finally, we show A lo largo y ancho (2015) of Antonio Castles. The work represents a barbed wire fence, the dividing element that is used in Colombian rural areas to demarcate the private property of the farms. His reference to the limits is clear: the barbed wire is a border that threatens the body with violence and it is also evidence of the transit from the city to the countryside.