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Pørtsik - Por el ojo de una aguja INGLÉS

Pørtsik - Through the Eye of a Needle

Julieth Morales / Luz Adriana Vera                                                                                                                                                                                      Anexo (2017)


In the annex we will exhibit two projects which, even though they are shown in the same space, come from individual curatorial works. PØRTSIK, by artist Julieth Morales, curated by Guillermo Vanegas, arises from two experiences of marginalization the artist has been subject to: as an indigenous person in one of the most racist regions of our country, and as a woman born within a community determined to curtail her political agency. The work of Luz Adriana Vera, titled Por el ojo de una aguja (Through the Eye of a Needle), accompanied by deCabeza curatorship, the project questions and inspects concepts around the gendered body in an exercise of exploration in which the spectator, the catholic traiditon, and the practice of sewing become a vigilant presence in the space.

Opening: Saturday 22th october, 2017, 11:00 am

Closing: Saturday 22th december, 2017